About Me

Cassia Gohl (she/her) is a Customer Relations Specialist at University Apartments. She was born and raised in Kitchener, Ontario and moved to Halifax, Nova Scotia in 2018 to pursue business at Dalhousie University. Cassia loves meeting new people and enjoys helping others find a beautiful place to call home. She is passionate about strong communities, personal growth, and helping students find a place where they can flourish in this exciting chapter of their lives.


Cassia is in her fourth year of a Bachelor of Commerce degree at Dalhousie University, and will be graduating this coming summer. She has interests in marketing and entrepreneurship. Throughout her degree she has worked at a local non-profit in Halifax and an educational video game company. She has been a tour guide at the university for three years and loves showing prospective students around campus. Cassia is a strong leader with experience in a number of client-facing roles.


  • Sales
  • Tour Guide
  • Theatre
  • Event Planning
  • Leadership


In her spare time Cassia loves to travel, eat good food, and binge new shows on Netflix. She has a passion for theatre, and was heavily involved in the arts community growing up. She has played multiple competitive sports, including swimming, basketball, soccer, and rugby. She loves getting out of her comfort zone when travelling, and has been skydiving, bungee jumping, paragliding, and has even rappelled down a 35-metre waterfall.

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