Jan Logroño


About Me

Jan Logroño (he/him) is a Customer Relations Specialist at University Apartments. He was born in the Philippines, and has lived in the US, Thailand, and Singapore before coming to Canada to pursue his Bachelor of Commerce degree at Dalhousie University. Jan is passionate about meeting individuals from various backgrounds and hearing their stories. He considers himself a global nomad who loves to travel and meet people from all cultures in order to expand his knowledge with a diversified perspective. Overall, he is passionate about educating and informing students on the rental market in Halifax and helping them find ways to navigate their needs and find their ideal living space.


Jan completed his undergraduate degree in Dalhousie’s Rowe School of Business. He has a Bachelor of Commerce Co-op degree, with a focus on Marketing Management. Throughout his degree, he has worked for the Dean’s office at the Rowe Business School. He also worked extensively with HRM’s tourism industry, which includes working for an ecotourism business iheartbikes as a tour guide, and as an intern for HRM’s premier destination marketing organization Discover Halifax. He is also helping out his family business back in Asia, which is a local agribusiness in the Philippines.


  • Sales
  • Negotiation
  • Marketing
  • Tour Guide
  • Event Planning
  • Administration
  • Music Composition


In his spare time, Jan loves to spend time outdoors playing basketball and surfing during the summertime. He is also a big foodie and likes to cook dishes from numerous international cuisines, and is passionate about music and enjoys composing instrumental piano music from time to time.

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