At University Apartments, we manage beautiful, affordable, student housing to ensure that students across Canada can make the most of their university experience.

Whether you’re studying in Montréal, Halifax, Charlottetown or St John’s, you can be sure to find one of our lively and sustainable student communities near you.

It’s our priority to offer the best furnished accommodations for students in our cities, with a focus on good management, convenience and safety in our buildings.

If you’re a student looking for a fully furnished place to call home that’s practically on campus, check out our available listings and feel free to reach out with any questions.


We incorporate our core values of diversity, discovery, and design in everything we do, in every student apartment we build, and in every student community we foster.






Discovery is an integral part of being a student; this is a pivotal time for exploration and learning in your lives. It’s a time where you need to live close to the action, so it’s easy to get to school and socialize.

Location is our primary focus, our buildings are just a few minutes from major Canadian campuses, with a view to keep things as affordable as possible.

We’re here to support you through open spaces, resources, tools, and insights. There is value in external discovery (so many cool events, cafés, and bars out there!) and internal self-discovery (this new chapter of your life will be full of ups and downs!)

We hope to guide and house you through it all! 🤩🤩🤩

We aim to support students of all backgrounds, perspectives, cultures, identities, orientations, and experiences. With our value of diversity comes a commitment to inclusivity, accessibility, and tolerance.

Our portfolio includes a range of accessibility options, as great student housing should be available to all, including those with accessibility needs and requirements.

We embrace these as Canadians and welcome students to call our spaces home whether they’re local, out-of-province or international! 🇨🇦🗺️🇨🇦


Great design is the foundation of all that we do. Our fully furnished student apartments are tailored specifically to student needs, like lots of storage with individual and common study spaces. You’ll love our elegant, intuitive, smart and user-centric approach to space.

Within design, sustainability is of utmost importance to us. We monitor the environmental impact of all of our design and construction choices.